Who will learn, listen and achieve for the people of Clewer North, Windsor?

According to Dedworth Vicar, Rev. Louise Brown MBE, who is THE Clewer North Candidate who will who will learn, listen and achieve for the people (you)? Find out here

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There are four candidates seeking election on 4 May 2017 to represent Clewer North in Windsor as a Ward Councillor. Three from the national political parties and one, local, Independent approved by the largest Residents Association in Windsor.

so highly regarded locally

One of them is so highly regarded locally that, the wise, and much loved, local vicar, none other than Rev. Louise Brown OBE from All Saints Church in Dedworth has said of him, “Wisdom is an Independent candidate that you can trust. He has a passion for serving the people of this district. He will learn, listen and achieve. He is a man with strong principles and will want to do all he can to help create and maintain fairer opportunities for every resident


Wisdom Da Costa; Independent; Trust; Passion; Learner; Listener; Achiever; Principled; Fair; Professional

Why you should vote for Wisdom

Just for clarity, and scrutiny, let’s break down and unpack, Rev. Brown’s testimonial for Independent Candidate, Wisdom Da Costa

  • He is standing as an Independent candidate
  • You can trust him (someone with integrity)
  • He has a passion for serving the people of Windsor; all of them
  • He will learn (continually improve)
  • He will listen (to you)
  • He will achieve (for you)
  • He has strong principles (people and relationship is of paramount importance to him)
  • He will help create and maintain a fairer society (he cares skilfully for all people)


Wisdom Da Costa has been approved by the WWRA – click here to read more[/box]


 I strongly urge Clewer North residents to vote for WISDOM DA COSTA at the forthcoming by-election

What do others say about Independent Wisdom DA COSTA

Former WWRA Chair, John Holdstock, leading the Magna Carta 800 River peagant

Former WWRA Chair, John Holdstock

“Wisdom Da Costa and his wife live in Clewer North Ward and have first-hand knowledge of the problems facing local residents. Wisdom has previously been a Councillor for the Ward and the West Windsor Residents’ Association strongly supports him in this by-election.

As a qualified accountant running his own business and with his previous experience as a teacher working for another local authority, Wisdom understands how Councils operate and has the skills to delve into the way in which they use our money. His wife is a midwife serving the local community and I am confident that she will ensure that he is aware of issues facing young families.

As Ward Councillor for Clewer North, I am confident that he will put local residents first, unlike other councillors whose allegiance is solely to the national parties that control them.

 I strongly urge Clewer North residents to vote for WISDOM DA COSTA at the forthcoming by-election.


I urge you to vote Wisdom Da Costa on Thursday 4th May 2017

Richard Endacott, Teacher, son of late Cllr. Cynthia Endacott

Teacher Richard Endacott

Former Clewer North Councillor, the late Cynthia Endacott, who passed any in 2014, represented local residents for 25 years. Her son, Richard Endacott is a former pupil of Dedworth Green, Dedworth Middle and Windsor Boys’ Schools. Richard is also a former teacher at Windsor Boys School and now Head of 6th Form at the Langley Academy and has lived in Clewer North for 42 years, with both his children attending Homer First School. He says, “I am delighted that Wisdom Da Costa has decided to stand for the West Windsor Residents Association Independents at the Clewer North By-Election.”

Richard goes on to comment on some of the key issues local residents currently face and the work of the WWRA and the Independent Councillors.

Late, Cynthia Endacott Cllr for Clewer North, Windsor

“It is essential that local residents are given a voice at the Town Hall on issues which affect you, whether that be the proposed development of 650 houses to the west of Dedworth, the possible removal of a bus service between West Windsor and Maidenhead or the poor state of our local roads and pavements.”

“I am proud of the way West Windsor Residents Association councillors, have been able to work with the ruling majorities in the council, regardless of their political colour over the past 30 years and I am delighted that Wisdom Da Costa has agreed to carry on this legacy, ensuring fair representation for Clewer North residents.”

“I urge you to vote Wisdom Da Costa on Thursday 4th May 2017.”


I urge you to vote for Wisdom on Thursday 4th May 2017

WWRA Chair, Kevin Chapman

Current WWRA Chair, Kevin Chapman

Kevin is a highly skilled Engineer who led the Highways and Waste Management Direct Service Organisation for the London Borough of Hounslow. He now provides consultancy services on Waste Management and Quality Control.

Knowing the local authority game from the inside out, he says, “Wisdom has been a councillor before and in my view has the experience to fully represent the people of Clewer North ward. Particularly in relation to the proposed construction of 650 new houses in the green belt and the potential closure of our fire station.”

I urge you to vote for Wisdom (Da Costa) on Thursday 4th May 2017.”


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