Clewer North By-Election: Wisdom’s Election Leaflet

With the Clewer North By-Election just weeks away (4th May 2017), find out how Independent Wisdom DA COSTA will work with the WWRA to help all local residents. Download his election leaflet below.

The Key issues locally

So, what are the key issues locally?

  • 650 Houses on Greenbelt land?
  • Loss of the two garden centres?
  • Heathrow; noise disturbance, pollution, health risks, congestion, housing concerns
  • Poor pavements and roads in the area?
  • Concerns over planning applications?
  • Lack of monitoring and control over building and roads?
  • Poor levels of democracy at the Conservative Council?


What do other say about Wisdom Da Costa, Independent?

Click here to read our interesting article, “Who will learn, listen and achieve for the people of Clewer North, Windsor?” to find out what local community leaders say about Wisdom Da Costa, Independent candidate for Clewer North and, why they “urge you to vote for” Wisdom.


What does Wisdom say about the issues?


Here’s Wisdom’s leaflet



Additional Imprint

We add this to prevent certain individuals from getting too upset with the WWRA or our approved candidate:

Printed, published and promoted by C Da Costa for W Da Costa both of 90 Pierson Road, Windsor, SL4 5RF