How to submit your response to the RBWM Environment & Climate Strategy Consultation

RBWM is asking residents and businesses for comments on its draft Environment & Climate Strategy by 29 September 2020. Zoe and Wisdom show you how you can have your say.

This article, and others in this series, will help you understand how you can respond to the RBWM Environment & Climate Strategy Consultation and, the different ways you can submit a response to the Council

RBWM declared a Climate Emergency in June 2019 and, has followed that up by producing a draft Environment & Climate Strategy, and is asking for you to comment on it by 6pm on Tuesday 29 September 2020, as part of its consultation.

The Environment & Climate Strategy seeks to start to address the key issues that threaten our well being and, indeed, our continued existence on planet Earth.

Of you don’t believe me, watch the introduction to Sir David Attenborough’s recent programme, “Extinction: The Facts”

More information

If you want to know what others are saying or, what this is all about, or just want more information, use the following links;

  • To download a copy of the Environment & Climate Strategy – click here
  • To learn the basics about Climate Change and how we can reduce carbon emissions – click here
  • To find out about Climate Change Resilience i.e. how we prepare our towns and cities for the guaranteed extreme weather – click here
  • To find out about how we can stop mass extinctions locally and, help restore flora and fauna to healthy levels (restoration of Biodiversity)  – click here 
  • Find out what you could say
  • Find out what others are saying about the RBWM Environment & Climate Strategy – click here 
  • To visit the East Berkshire Green Party site – click here
  • To visit the RBWM Climate Emergency Coalition site – click here
  • To visit Wild Maidenhead site – click here


Here’s the video

How to have your say on the RBWM Environment & Climate Strategy

You can respond in the following ways;

Remember to use the information links above.

Please respond to the RBWM Environment & Climate Strategy Consultation

Accountably yours


Cllr Wisdom Da Costa

Co-Deputy Vice-Chair, RBWM Cross Party Climate Change Panel



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