YOUR ideas for a Community Café in Dedworth please…

West Windsor Residents Association Councillors have found £250,000 in the council budget which needs a business plan to go with it and we would like to hear your ideas relating to a community café for the Dedworth area.

Council budgets are set out for 12 months, various amounts with a title, put in the budget as proposed spend but they need a thorough business case for them to get agreement by council and then get implemented by the council’s officers.

There is line in the budget which says “CY27 Dedworth Manor-Community Café 250k” which has no such business case.

So what we now need is a great idea from residents that the WWRA Councillors can turn into a sound, people focused business case to present to the council… there are lots of general cafes around Dedworth but are there any sections of the community who’s needs are not met by what is currently available?

If there is a gap, then why should the council invest up to £250,000 in that project?

Please complete the form below by 31st July with your Dedworth Community Café idea and the WWRA will work through, discussing each around a table with a cross party group of councillors who will select 3 that could have the best business cases to go forward for further exploration by officers.

Up to 3 ideas will then be put up for the vote where you can influence the final decision. The cross party group, councillors and officers will then make the final decision and award the funding.

We are looking for the bones of a great idea at the moment… a reasonable level of thinking but business plans come later…

CY27 Dedworth Manor-Community Café 250k

Thank you.

WWRA Councillors – Wisdom, Carole & Jon

“People are at the heart of what we do and why we do it… we would love to hear from you. Together, we can make things happen.”