Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) Traffic Restrictions Proposed for Windsor

The Council is proposing the introduction of a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN)  in West Windsor which would see vehicles banned from residential roads in Windsor and, forced into a longer routes and onto Ruddlesway. Please have your say.

the future of these schemes will be decided by the residents at the ballot box

The Council proposing to introduce Low Traffic Neighbourhood into many urban areas in the Borough which, in option 2 for West Windsor, will see motorists unable to turn off the Dedwoth Road into residential areas and schools.

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To find out more, and to respond to the consultation, go to https://consultprojectcentre.co.uk/rbwmltn and, take the survey at the bottom of the page

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You have to ask the question, what problem/s are they trying to solve?

Is it just to find a way of spending £350,000 or, are they actually trying to solve known issues relating to air pollution, road traffic accidents, obesity, carbon emissions, commercial footfall etc?

If the problem we are trying to solve is pollution or carbon emissions then encourage electric vehicles and, improve useable green, public transport.

If the problem we are trying to fix is lifestyle then timed vehicle gates around school opening and closing, as opposed to permanent car barriers, might be a better solultion to facilitate safe cycling and walking to school to encourage a more active lifestyle, healthy living and socialisation.

In the London Borough I work in, the word is that the future of these schemes will be decided by the residents at the ballot box.

WWRA Councillor, Wisdom Da Costa has requested that the proposal is immediately dropped and, former WWRA Chairman, and DSO director, Kevin Chapman has written the following letter to the press so, those not online, will be better aware of the issues.

Some of the issues you need to be aware of

So, here are some of the problems that we residents will face, all for the sake of the ruling politicians being able to boast that they have spent £350,000 on improvements to areas such as Dedworth.

Let’s focus on Windsor by example.

1.     The consultation process is flawed and disenfranchises many of our elderly residents who do not have home computers and no longer receive free newspapers. These are the very people who rely on their car for shopping because they are unable to walk or cycle for it.

2.     The Council have accepted in their statement that under COVID restrictions they cannot consult in the usual way. Neither can any credible opposition. No chance of a petition unless its done on line. Which again cuts out a fair proportion of the residents.

3.     The minimum the Council should do is a leaflet drop to all affected residents. Clearly outlining the proposals and various means (not just via the web site) for registering objections or support.

4.     The options on the survey do not allow for anyone to say “no” to either. For example Gally’s Road. Do we want a closure of any type at Dedworth Road or Maidenhead Road. There is no option for “we want nothing at either end”. Its like saying to someone would you rather be shot or hung!

5.      Traffic levels and pollution levels on any of these roads are not a cause for concern so no justification there.

6.     We already, under normal circumstances have fairly heavy traffic on Maidenhead Road and Dedworth Road during the morning rush. Restricting the points of access to these roads is going to increase queues on the estate roads where exit onto either main road can be achieved. This will surely lead to pollution and nuisance. Particularly for those roads that will be used to reach a point of exit from the estate. I wouldnt like to be a resident of Ruddles Way, Longmead, Aston Mead or Testwood Road.

7.     Those having to use a vehicle will be forced in extensive detours alone the usually congested Maidenhead Road and the quiet retirement areas around Ruddlesway. This will be especially so for Blue Badge Holders and delivery drivers.

8.  Inevitably these measures will further impede access for emergency services. There may well be repercussions for the refuse collection and recycling services too.

9.     Currently if there were a major incident or accident on Maidenhead Road or Dedworth Road Police would struggle to put in place effective diversions on partially blocked roads

10.  In such a case, ANPR cameras will then catch motorists at a number of locations on the diversion. residents will then be fined and have to argue their case in court.

11.  We understand that where these schemes have been implemented in London with pedestrians having to dodge herds of powered scooters and gangs of “dealers” on bikes congregating at these locations to enable a quick escape to be made if the “sheriff” turns up. This same London Borough is now removing bollards due to vandalism.

Kevin Chapman

On behalf of the West Windsor Residents Association


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