RBWM announce three Titanic Projects

RBWM’s cabal proudly launched three new titanic projects on Thursday 29 April 2021. But these projects are destined to fail residents as they seem to deliberately ignore the perils ahead. Residents need to take action.

The Titanic was qu­­ite a sight to behold as it sailed out of Liverpool on its maiden voyage, a magnificent ship with a destiny ahead of it; to reach New York with all the pomp and ceremony it deserved and to establish itself as White Star’s flagship standard-bearer.

Last Thursday three “decisions” were trumpeted at Cabinet which points to a much-desired destination of development, being showered with the confetti of investment.

But lurking beneath the water are a number of icebergs which must be negotiated.

  1. Our affordable housing strategy makes no mention of ensuring that all housing will be built to help future residents cope with the increasingly extreme weather patterns that will blight blighty for the next 50-100 years plus. Neither does our Environment & Climate Strategy refer to safeguarding the lives and well-being of homeowners by building in what is called Climate Resilience. We are condemning residents to poor health and even higher death rates.
  2. The Council have announced an intention to redevelop the town hall without any backup evidence or viable alternatives being proposed, nor any promise of an open process, nor any clear rationale for decision making. One can’t help but wonder on the indecent haste in the report or whether there are any ulterior motives.
  3. The Council intends to give away public assets at a time when it is so short of cash that services have been cut to the bone. Not only that but it is proposing to allow development on green space which will reduce public open space needed for an increasing population, reduce carbon capture, increase the release of greenhouse gases, reduce the habitat needed to stave off biodiversity extinction, and all without any other options being presented or considered.

Thursday seems epitomised by a quote from Council, “there might be a car park or homes we don’t know – or care”.

Now, this is the devil is in the detail. Without planning documents and strategy documents that take Climate Change & the Environment seriously, which we do not have even on the horizon, developers can and will effectively ignore the ethical & moral imperative to make every development Carbon neutral, to protect future residents by building in climate-resilient measures or, to create swathes of urban habitat. Builders will get away with murder, the murder of the environment, and our children’s futures.

It seems like the icebergs have been reported to the Bridge but neither the captain nor the officers care.

It’s full steam ahead for their date with destiny!

Residents must demand that the Council, Councillors and officers, take these issues seriously and start planning to succeed; the lives, livelihoods and well being of our children must not be seemingly brushed under the carpet anymore.

Accountably yours,


Wisdom Da Costa



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Photo by NOAA on Unsplash