Veteran WWRA Councillor John Fido dies

Obituary for veteran WWRA Councillor John Fido who died on 17th December 2020, aged 83.

We are saddened to report the death of veteran WWRA Councillor, John Fido, who died on 17th December 2020.

John was born on 11 March 1937 & grew up in Corsham, Wiltshire. He went to Chippenham Grammar School. He met his wife-to-be, Daphne, when she was in her last year at Bath Academy of Art which was based at Corsham Court, as they attended dances, jazz bands & skiffle events.

He moved to Windsor late 50’s when his work took him to London & my Daphne started teaching in Langley.

John represented the former Clewer North Ward, here in West Windsor, for many years. John had been ill for some time and had recently been in a care home in Old Windsor.

The West Windsor Residents’ Association extends sympathy to John’s wife, Daphne, his daughter, Debbie, and to other members of his family, as well as his friends.

John, together with John Penfold and Cynthia Endacott, were independent councillors who worked together over many years to ably serve local residents in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall and in relation to local matters that were causing concern.

John is survived by his beloved wife, Daphne, and his loving daughters Debbie and Rachel.

John Endacott (centre) pictures receiving a posthumous award for Cynthia Endacott, pictured with John Penfold (Left), James Evans, John Fido (Centre right), and Jamie Jamieson.

 John helped found and build the New Windsor Community Centre (NWCA) in Hanover Way

Cllr Wisdom Da Costa said, “John and the WWRA Councillors achieved much over decades, usually behind the scenes, for residents in West Windsor, Clewer, & Dedworth. John helped found and build the New Windsor Community Centre (NWCA) in Hanover Way in the late 60’s, which is still helping the community today.

“He will be missed but, it is up to us, you and I, to now carry forward and build upon the work of these quietly great councillors.

Thank you John and also, Daphne and the girls for releasing John to serve us in Windsor.

Summer fun day at the New Windsor Community Association (NWCA) – August 2019 – John Fido helped found and build the NWCA in the late 60s

John was a member of the WWRA group that built the Community Centre in Hanover Way, back in the late 1960’s / early 1970’s. He was also much involved in the charity work of the Windsor St George Rotary Club.


he was one of the most amazing people I have ever met

Chris Davies, Rotary Club of Windsor St. George said, “he was one of the most amazing people I have ever met in terms of what he has done for the Royal Borough, Rotary and me personally

There many examples of his amazing Rotary achievements, but two stand out for me as I was personally involved. The first was the Mkuranga Water Wells Project in Tanzania. The biggest and most successful project the club has undertaken since I joined the club in 1999.

“John & Daphne were great lovers of African Safaris and wildlife. Daphne is an accomplished photographer and has some wonderful photos. They both have supported the African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF), better know as the Flying Doctor Service in East Africa for many years and still do today. Through AMREF, John wanted to put something back into the continent which has given him so much pleasure. An area called Mkuranga in Tanzania was identified as being an area that would benefit from clean drinking water for the residents, school children and medical staff at the local hospital.”

“As mentioned previously, John tackled the project head on giving it 100% focus, starting with a number of small fund raising events over several months, which raised £2,000. He then set about seeking matching grants, culminating in an amazing £12,000.”

“As I worked for British Airways at the time, I took John to Tanzania to see his project first-hand. He was so passionate about the project that he was visibly moved two tears on at least two occasions.

  • The first when we visited one of the schools where we were treated like VIPs. They wrote a song and dance routine to thank Rotary (and John in particular) for giving them fresh water to reduce disease, grow crops and not have to buy water by the jerry can load from unscrupulous sellers.
  • The second moment was when they asked John to be the first person to pump water from the new well. Windsor St. George’s legacy with all thanks to John is that the £12,000 provided two boreholes and three shallow wells so that a population of over 6,000 people, now have clean drinking water.”

Editor – It’s fascinating that it is easy to criticise community leaders but, many of us don’t know the real impact they had to create the improved quality of life that we take for granted.

A measure of his considerable contribution to local affairs may be seen by the list of committees on which he served:

  • Children’s Services Overview & Scrutiny Panel
  • Crime and Disorder Overview & Scrutiny Panel
  • Windsor Town Forum
  • Audit and Performance Review Panel
  • Grants Forum
  • Rights of Way and Highway Licensing Panel

He was also the Council Appointed Representative on the following outside bodies:

  • Governor – Dedworth Middle School
  • Governor – St. Edwards Royal Free Ecumenical Middle School
  • RBWM Twinning Committee
  • Windsor Royal Free Foundation Trustees
  • Windsor & Eton Society
  • The Manor Youth & Community Centre Management Committee (Treasurer)
  • Standing Conference on Archives in Berkshire,
  • Workers’ Educational Association, Thames and Solent


Written by John Holdstock (former WWRA Chair) & edited by Cllr. Wisdom Da Costa (Former WWRA Chair)