West Windsor Hub helping people self-isolating and alone

What do you do if you are self-isolating and alone, with no one to shop for you, or collect your prescriptions, or even talk to? Supported by RBWM and Tesco, here’s what a group of local residents is doing as the West Windsor Hub helping people, and how you can help.

What do you do if you self isolating and are a single parent, or say a vulnerable couple, or alone in a new area?

Social distancing and self-isolation are necessary for the fightback against Covid19, but some residents are particularly badly affected by these measures. What do you do if you self isolating and are a single parent, or say a vulnerable couple, or alone in a new area? How can you get your shopping done, to stay alive? Who will collect your medicines, so you can stay healthy? Who can you chat with to stay sane?


Need help? Call 01753 342110 – more information below

Want to help? call 01753 342110 – more information below


West Windsor Hub: How local people are helping local people in need

they (you) are not alone in this

The West Windsor Hub was set up by former senior NHS clinician, Cllr Carole Da Costa, working together with RBWM, All Saints and Tescos to help those in need. Carole is part of a core team of three, supported by an increasing number of helpers; the core team includes Freelance local designer and church/community worker Carolyn Carter from All Saints, and new to the area, David Flanagan.

Project catalyst Cllr Carole Da Costa has been moved to use her skills to work with others to help local people. She says “This has very much been a collaborative endeavor, working with Hilary Hall and the team at RBWM, Carolyn Carter & David Flanagan and All Saints Church in Dedworth, Tesco Dedworth manager Joe Pothecary, and pulling together local GPs, pharmacies, and residents, we have created a great model to help residents, whilst both safeguarding them and volunteer members at the West Windsor Hub. We now have a growing team of fabulous volunteers, but need more. Our model and protocols are available to other groups to use“.

Worryingly she adds, “As people are losing their jobs, and experiencing delays in receiving their benefits, we have seen an increased need for foodbanks. Although we are working closely with local food banks, the extra demand is falling on the resources of the West Windsor Hub, as FoodShare*2 is at its limit. So, more volunteers and funds are now needed.”

To find out how to help, see below↓

*Editors note dated 20 November 2020 – the information presented was true during the early stages of the pandemic in April 2020 but we understand that Foodshare have no such restrictions today and will not turn anyone away.

Here’s what David Flanagan said, “The West Windsor Hub was expanded from a small hub ran from All Saints Church to help those with food poverty and advice. When the covid19 virus took up we realised the need for the wider community, to help the most vulnerable in our community. It is really rewarding to be able to help people, even just talking to someone to let them know they are not alone in this.”

Carolyn Carter, who also designed the logos and flyers for the Hub,  said,  “The Hub started only a few weeks ago but it has already managed to reach a LOT of people who need help in the West Windsor area. We’ve taken over 650 calls in 2 weeks! A relatively small group of call-takers initially has now grown to a group of 10 and our brilliant volunteers from all across the community have been amazing!


West Windsor Hub A4 Poster; Click to download and share with your family, friends, & neighbours

Who to call if you need help?

Do you live in the area West from the Royal Windsor Way, and Imperial Road; Towards Clewer and Dedworth?

Are self-isolating and with no one to help you?

If so, and if you need help call 01753 342110, ideally during working hours, and a friendly member of the team will listen to you and help if you need shopping, someone to collect your prescription or just an adult to chat to who cares.

If you need shopping done, team members will buy your shopping, and collect your meds, and you can pay on delivery using a debit or credit card. No extra charges are charged to you for the service.

West Windsor Hub core team; Carolyn Carter, David Flanagan, Cllr Carole Da Costa delivering Hope and Love to Windsor © Wisdom Da Costa 2020


 Call takers; Deliverers; Shoppers; Admin help; well-organised “matchers and dispatchers needed

Come and join the West Windsor Hub helping people, as the need is increasing

But the numbers of people needing help is worryingly increasing, and the team needs you, so if you can help them, please call 01753 342110 to volunteer. Areas, where volunteer help is needed, include; Call takers helping virtually using a smartphone app; Deliverers with their own transport; Shoppers to buy supplies from Tescos and local pharmacies; Admin help; well-organised “matchers and dispatchers” working in the Hub with the core team; Training and guidance will be provided.

Another worrying trend is the increasing number of people needing to resort to Food Banks, but who are being turned away by FoodShare*2 because they have reached the limit of their supplies.

*Editors note dated 20 November 2020 – the information presented was true during the early stages of the pandemic in April 2020 but we understand that Foodshare have no such restrictions today and will not turn anyone away.

Visit the “GoFundMe” page at https://www.gofundme.com/f/west-windsor-hub-helping-the-community-covid19

If you can donate funds to help pay for our neighbours in need, please call 0793 307601 or email Carole at cllr.c.dacosta@rbwm.gov.uk or visit the “GoFundMe” page at https://www.gofundme.com/f/west-windsor-hub-helping-the-community-covid19

Elaine Hurrell & Joe Pothecary (Manager) donate 1st 20 bags of shopping to West Windsor Hub © Wisdom Da Costa 2020

Needless to say, I am very proud of all the team, particularly my wife Cllr Carole Da Costa

Accountably yours,


Cllr Wisdom Da Costa, WWRA, Clewer & Dedworth West


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