How to get your state pension if you are self-isolating

How to get your state pension if you are self-isolating. Please pass on to your elderly neighbours.

*This is a note for Pensioners who are self-isolating during the COVID19 crisis, and unable to collect their state pension from the post office as normal.
*It will be updated as more information becomes available from DWP or RBWM.
*Please pass this information on to elderly neighbours.

Lockdown has been a great opportunity to learn to do things better. But it has also created unexpected problems difficulties for many of our neighbours and friends as well.

Remember, the WWRA and your WWRA Councillors are here to help you at all times, wherever we can. Working together we build a stronger, more resilient community full of life.

Pensioners in crisis

At the start of the crisis, Cllr Carole Da Costa, Carolyn Carter, and David Flangan created the West Windsor Hub – See below for contact information if you need help.

However, Cllr Carole Da Costa has recently seen some worrying trends, and also alerted us to pensioners, who are unable to access their state pension, so going hungry.

How to get access to your state pension if you are self-isolating

You have two options currently to access your money whilst you are self-isolating;

  1. Ask a trusted person to collect it for you
    • To do this you must appoint a trusted helper using form P6163 (Permanent Agent); You can only get this form at the Post Office
    • Make sure you are appointing someone you trust. Beware of scams and strangers offering services.
    • Alternatively, call RBWM’s WAM group on 07811974442 for help
  2. Get the DWP to post cash to you during the Coronavirus crisis;
    • Call 0800 731 0411 and ask for money to be posted to you.
    • You will be referred to the visiting team, who will telephone you back to discuss options
    • When they telephone you, say to the visiting team that you have no one you can trust 100% with your money
    • Cash will be sent to you, but remember that it will be as a loan which needs to be repaid from the pensions in your Post Office card Account

Remember to have your National Insurance Number or your POCA card to hand, as these options only work if you have an existing Post Office Card Account (POCA)

Click here to download a leaflet to give to your elderly neighbours

West Windsor Hub Poster April 2020

West Windsor Hub – help if you are self-isolating and alone

If you are self-isolating and alone during the COVID19 crisis, you can get help with shopping, prescriptions, and a phone friend from the West Windsor Hub.

Working with All Saints Church, RBWM, and local GPs, Cllr Carole Da Costa, Carolyn Carter, and David Flanagan, set up the West Windsor Hub to help those self-isolating, and without help, to be able to call to get shopping done, prescriptions collected, and phone friendship. Click here for more information.

If you are self-isolating and need help, call the West Windsor Hub on 01753 342110

Accountably yours,

Carole & Wisdom

Cllr Carole Da Costa, WWRA, Clewer & Dedworth East

Cllr Wisdom Da Costa, WWRA, Clewer & Dedworth West


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