Christmas Fayre Fun For All

Christmas fun for all the family plus inspiring stalls, fabulous gifts and plastic free ideas on Saturday 24 November 2018 at All Saints, Dedworth. Learn how to do life better. Don’t miss out.

How can we do things better to protect our environment?

Were you inspired by Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and horrified by the effects our disposable lifestyles are having on our fragile ecosystem? I was and, for the last few months I have been on a journey to discover how I can do life better.

But’s it is frustrating when the retailers and our fast paced lifestyle push us towards using un-recyclable packaging or items that are not commonly recycled.

In the face of this, I teamed up with a group of amazing Windsor residents to try and work together as a community to help one another with ideas and show people new ways of doing life in a more environmentally friendly way.

The first Plastic Free Windsor Christmas Fayre

Together, as Plastic Free Windsor, we are holding the first annual Plastic Free Windsor Christmas Fayre on 24 November 2018 at All Saints Church, Dedworth from 10:30am to 1:30pm.

It will be an exciting event where residents can buy their plastic free Christmas Gifts, start to discover possibilities on how to live a plastic free life and, meet and share ideas.


Exciting happenings at the Plastic Free Windsor Christmas Fayre

*1There will be something for everyone including children’s crafts, and a vast array of eco friendly products including cosmetics, Fairtrade items, products from the hive, metal and wooden pieces, Windsor & Eton Brewery beer, baby products, pet food, lots of information and know how and, gifts galore.

*1Stall holders will include Baby Bank, Helen House, Lush, Windsor & Eton Brewery, Gandas Honey Windsor, Raw4Pets, Surfers Against Sewage, The Clever Cactus, and many more – more information below

Dedworth Middle School will be putting on a special display inspired by Sir David Attenborough’s The Blue Planet and, the Royal Borough’s recycling team will also be attending to talk to residents about how they can throw less away and recycle more.

Tea, coffee and home-made cakes will also be available.

All profits will be donated to the charity Surfers Against Sewage.

To find out more and join the recycling community in Windsor visit our Facebook page at

*1 Content is based on the latest information and may be subject to change due to events outside of our control

NB There is limited parking space for Blue Badge Holders only and on a first-come, first-served basis. Please either walk or use the nearby shopping parades and on-street parking


More about the event and quotes from organisers

The event is a collaboration between residents through Plastic Free Windsor, All Saints church, and the council and, all profits will be donated to Surfers against Sewage.

The enthusiastic team of local resident, in alphabetical order, include Carole Da Costa, Cllr. Wisdom Da Costa, Karen Davies, Paul Hinton, Jacqueline Johnson North, Clare Quarman, Samantha Taylor and, Amy Tisi.

Paul Hinton quote, “The Plastic Free campaign, and this Christmas Fayre are about continually making small changes in the way that we consume disposable plastic. Large numbers of people all making small changes can have a huge impact. That’s what we are trying to achieve

Carole Da Costa quote, “The idea of having a plastic free household really appeals to me, however it seems to be too much of a change for me to achieve at this time. So I’m focusing on not using single use plastic, and plastic free Christmas stockings for my family. I believe small changes one step at a time can make a difference to our world, and really hope you can join us on this journey.

Amy Tisi quote, “Christmas is traditionally a time of excess but like many families, I’m concerned about waste and unnecessary plastic packaging. The plastic-free sale offers an alternative this festive season. 

Windsor Cllr. Wisdom Da Costa quote, “This is an exciting journey and, I am looking forward to finding out how I can do things better to help protect our planet. Cllr Lynne Jones and myself will also act to instigate changes in Council designed to leave our environment in a better place each year. We owe this to our children and future generations

Key driver, Sam Taylor, commented, “Everybody is aware of how plastics damage the planet. This is a great opportunity to discover alternatives and how to make simple changes. If everyone makes small changes, we can start to turn things around

Stalls for the 2018 event are now sold out but, organisations and residents can register an interest for future events by contacting Paul Hinton at Plastic Free Windsor or Cllr Wisdom Da Costa at


Here’s what you can discover

  • Information and help on recycling
  • Children’s Home Made Christmas Crafts
  • Fairtrade and eco friendly gifts
  • Hand Stamped cutlery
  • Concrete gems
  • Honey wax wraps, local honey, crocheted zero waste items
  • Recycling help & information
  • Wood craft
  • Demonstrating and selling preloved reusable nappies.
  • Second hand books plus some plastic free Second hand toys etc
  • Charity items supporting Ugandan orphans
  • Floral products
  • Tea towels, notebooks, wraps, candles etc
  • Wide range of eco products
  • Greetings cards, gift boxes and jewelry
  • LUSH products
  • Handmade wooden ducks And animals
  • Handmade knitted toys and wooden decorations,
  • Bunting, cushion covers, peg bags and other ideas
  • Raw pet food and treats
  • Rock felt animals
  • Mini canvasses and fairy doors
  • Bespoke baby changing products and eco-friendly items
  • Metal Sculptures
  • Hand carved wooden Christmas decorations
  • Wooden decorations
  • Local Beer


For more information



I hope you found this useful and insightful.

Perhaps you agree with my points.


Let’s keep working together to learn how to put people and our planet first.


Accountably yours,


WWRA Councillor, Wisdom Da Costa, Clewer North, Windsor




This post is part of Cllr Wisdom Da Costa’s regular series of Blogs to inform and empower local residents; as he promised in his election leaflet

The views expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the West Windsor Residents Association (WWRA).