Thames Hospice Furniture Warehouse

Thames Hospice need your help tidying the warehouse before moving

WWRA are appealing to those with practical skills to step up and volunteer to help Thames Hospice with tidying up the warehouse before they move out in a few months time.

No final dates have been agreed, we are simply looking for volunteers to put their names forward at this time.

They will need help with painting, joinery, electrics, plumbing, sweeping, moving stock around and a whole bunch of stuff. They estimate this process would cost them over £100,000 if done at full price.

If you have practical skills, appreciate what Thames Hospice have done for the community and can give up a few hours or few days, say so below and I will pass on to the management and they will be in touch nearer the time. Thank you.

Thames Hospice Support

Thames Hospice Support