Rally Against The Runway


Join us, and let’s put them on the spot!

In what promises to be the biggest rally of the year, the WWRA, cabinet ministers and party leaders, top environmentalists, key trade union leaders and business people to speak out against a third runway at Heathrow.

The Rally against the Runway will take place on 3rd March at 7pm in Central London.

The rally, organised by HACAN, is your chance tell the next Government what you think of a third runway.

Whichever party wins the General Election in May will be faced with the decision of where to build a new runway.

Join us, and let’s put them on the spot!

News update 3 March 2015

Meet at Windsor Riverside Station at 4:30pm today to catch the 4:53 train to Waterloo 

Poster & flyer

Download the poster, and share it widely. Click here → Hacan’s Leaflet RALLY AGAINST A THIRD RUNWAY

Download HACAN’s January Newsletter, and share it widely. Click here → Hacan’s Take Off January 2015


Coach from Windsor

The WWRA is hoping to organise a coach leaving from Windsor. Visit again for more details.


Remember The Health Effects of an extra runway at Heathrow

With audio

ERRATUM – Apologies for a slip of the tongue on slide 7. You won’t definitely die from a heart attack after 15 years, but your risk is significantly greater, according to researchers.

20 January 2015

Presentation first given at Windsor Racecourse on 20 January 2015. WWRA Chairman, Cllr Wisdom Da Costa presents the findings of more than 50 of the world’s top medical and education institutions on how Heathrow, and airport operations affect residents. That’s up to 2 million people around Heathrow. Their findings are sobering, if not frightening, and many of the issues have been ignored by the Government’s Airports Commission. You wonder why. It’s time to take action to the proposed HAL (sic Hell) on Earth.