How to help shape Windsors future

WNP Survey Photo November 2014There’s a way we can help shape Windsors future in a positive manner. It will help balance the Government’s “permissive” legislation that allows developers to profiteer with no regard to the needs of residents and local communities.

It’s through the Windsor Neighbourhood Plan.

What’s your vision for Windsor?

What’s your vision for Windsor? Lots more housing estates? Congested roads? Over crowded schools? Ugly buildings everywhere? No access to the Town Centre? High rise buildings on the riverside? A scarred urban landscape?

Or might you prefer affordable housing, wider roads, better amenities, improved transport, elegant buildings, beautiful riverside vistas, wide open green spaces, schools where our children can breathe and thrive…

 WNP Vision Document November 2014

A vision document

Based on the feedback they have received from many concerned residents like yourself, the Windsor Neigbourhood Plan’s team of ordinary residents, have set out a draft vision about what Windsor will look and feel like over the next 15 years and beyond.

The vision document should be popping through your letterbox anytime now. It’s called, “Have your say on future planning decisions in the Windsor Neighbourhood Plan area – Our local Neighbourhood Plan – tell us what you think . . .


Have your say on future planning decisions in the Windsor Neighbourhood Plan area – fill in the survey

Please take a moment to help

Please take a moment to help make sure they are on the right track by completing the survey at

You can also follow the development of the Windsor Neighbourhood Plan on twitter @windsorplan and on their website at

You can also join their Facebook group at    

A word about which parts of Windsor it covers

Here’s a map of the area the amazing WNP or residents, and experts, have devoted their time to serving.

WNP consultation map November 2014

What happened to the town centre?

Sadly, it does not include the town centre because of the efforts of a divisive breakaway group.

There is much controversy about the way the Council allocated key areas of Windsor to the separate “business only” group, which you can read about in other articles on this site, like, “Have your say on the Neighbourhood Plan.

How to find out more about planning

How does this fit in with planning legislation?

To find out more about where Neighbourhood Planning fits into the three tiers of UK planning legislation, read our article, “The Planning winds of change“, and visit our page, “RBWM Planning“.