WWRA Residents Meeting – Business Plans & Parking

Tuesday 9th July from 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Go-Gos, Racecourse Marina, Maidenhead Road, Windsor. SL4 5HT

Come and meet your new WWRA Councillors and other RBWM representatives to discuss your business ideas for the “CY27 Dedworth Manor-Community Café 250k” collaboration workshop. A budget entry that relates to Clewer & Dedworth that is in the budget and just needs a great business case to see the money released.

There is also the issue of parking on Maidenhead Road, opposite Go-Gos, where racecourse traffic parks outside residents homes… home owners want it recognised as residents parking and WWRA want to help. So how does the designation get changed?


6:00pm Cllr Jon Davey introduces the CY27 Dedworth Manor-Community Café 250k

6:10pm Greg Orlandini, owner Go-Gos, will demonstrate how to present your initial ideas for optimum effect

6:20pm Richard Endacott on what is the West Windsor Residents Association

6:30pm Cllr Wisdom Da Costa – the life of a councillor

6:40pm Cllr Carole Da Costa will share her experiences as a new councillor for Clewer & Dedworth East

7:00pm How does parking designation get changed?

7:20pm Close

We can then discuss other hot topics, without annoying the regulars, about…

The petition for a Windsor Town Council >>>

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WWRA Residents Meeting Tues 9th July


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