Capital Bids to improve accessibility, road safety and well being in Dedworth & Clewer

RBWM offer Councillors annually the chance to put in suggestions for long term installations (capital bids) for their town which may or may not be undertaken. Find out what Cllr Wisdom Da Costa’s proposals are for and how they will help improve accessibility, road safety and well being for residents.

RBWM offer Councillors annually the chance to put in suggestions for long term installations (capital bids) for the Borough, which usually focus on the members ward.

Once received, these capital bids are listed and ranked before successful bids are announced. The rationale, and also whether or not there might be any political influence, is not entirely clear but, we hope for the best.

Cllr Wisdom Da Costa’s 2019/20 proposals fall into two areas;

  1. Improving road safety and access around Dedworth First, Dedworth Middle and Dedworth Library to include
    • A pedestrian crossing on one of the unregulated, raised crossing points
    • Reduces speed limit at all times to 20 mph along the full length of Smiths Lane
    • Installation wigwag signs around school to help regulate speed of motorists
  2. Projects to improve accessibility and safety for pedestrians around Dedworth and so to improve community, well being of residents, and the local economy and should reduce reliance on cars and so reduce pollution and improve fitness levels.
    • A. Creation of a local accessibility network of dropped kerbs and crossing points, with improved pavement surfacing, to make walking and moving around Dedworth between homes, schools, shops, and services easier and safer.
    • B. Installation of a crossing points/pedestrian crossings, and reduced speed limits, to allow pedestrians to cross safely to access services and friends whilst also reducing the risk of accidents and reducing isolation of being marroned by fas moving traffic. I have proposed crossing points at
      • Maidenhead Road outside Willows/Squires (again as I did last year) and,
      • Ruddles Way
      • Smiths Lane (see road safety item above)

Click here to read the bid in full – to follow shortly

Accountably yours,

Cllr Wisdom Da Costa,

WWRA, Clewer & Dedworth West,



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