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WWRA are searching for young people, under 25, who would like to be local councillors

Do you know any young people who have a keen interest in politics who would like to get in on the action? Tell us who you think would make a good councillor? Young people who like helping their peers and the local community are a good start.

West Windsor Residents Association is looking to support such candidates in the upcoming local elections in May 2019. The WWRA is a residents association whose aims are to stand up for residents, hold the Council to account and to generally help local people.

WWRA would like to see a new breed of councillor and so please spread the word and ask them to email office@wwra.gov.uk with a 100 words saying why they should be our candidate. They must be 18 or over on 21st March 2019.

We feel strongly that there is a need to put more power in the hands of younger generations…

Young people who have grown up in the area will know what their gut instinct tells them about what is needed and WWRA will support them in forging their path for the benefit of our local community.

We need your help in finding the candidates so please share this story on social media and get it under the nose of young people from the area below and we’ll do the rest…

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Vice Chair WWRA