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a series of campaigns over the coming months…to inform, and empower

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We will produce a series of campaigns over the coming months, and tell you;

  1. Who the key decision makers are, and
  2. What to say to them

We aim to inform, and empower ordinary residents to take action to have their say, and protect their loved ones’ future.

to help build up our local communities

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What’s happening in Windsor & RBWM?

We campaign tirelessly for our residents;

  1. To safeguard, promote and represent the interests of the resident…
  2. To promote the just, efficient and economical governance…
  3. To render assistance whenever possible, in all matters, for the benefit of the resident members…

We also publish a Newsletter each season to inform, and empower, and to help build up our local communities.

Help us, help you, help other.

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