Dementia Awareness leaflet: out of adversity comes help

Local resident, and WWRA member, Mike Sullivan has experienced first hand, the trials, trauma’s and emotional roller coaster of caring for a loved one with dementia.

It hasn’t been easy for Mike but, his experience has motivated him to help people, like you and I, to recognise the symptoms early and put pressure on local and health authorities to provide adequate recognition and support for sufferers and carers alike.


illustrates what to watch out for

Dementia Awareness Leaflet Click here for a free copy

Empowering people (early symptoms to watch out for)

Mike has produced a helpful leaflet for West Windsor residents, which in cartoon form shares your concerns and illustrates what to watch out for. Mike’s leaflet has proved so popular that it has been ordered in places as far afield as California. Well done Mike

Click here to download your copy of Mike’s Dementia Awareness leaflet free of charge


What is dementia?

We asked Mike to tell us more about dementia. This is what he said;

Mike: “Dementia is not, in itself, a disease. It relates to a collection of symptoms related to a number of diseases such as Alzheimers. Approximately 850,000 people in the United Kingdom suffer from dementia, which is most common in people aged 65 or over. That said, more than 40,000 sufferers  are aged less than 65

WWRA: Are there any cures?

Mike: “There is currently no cure, but with proper medication its development can be delayed for some time allowing a more prolonged quality of life for both the sufferer and any carers. For the medication to have maximum effect there needs to be an early diagnosis of the problem


giving you more precious time with your loved one, a better quality of life for longer

More about Mike’s free Dementia Awareness leaflet

Mike’s free Dementia Awareness leaflet helps people recognise the early symptoms and, encourages you to trust your instincts and seek early medical intervention. Whist Dementia may not yet be curable, early recognition and treatment may help to significantly delay the onset of the most severe symptoms, giving you more precious time with your loved one, a better quality of life for your loved one for longer and, time to make necessary arrangements.

WWRA: Tell us more about the leaflet?

Mike:  “All Saints Church, Dedworth and WWRA sponsored production of the attached leaflet for local distribution. We had 3500 printed and have so far distributed approximately 2000. They have been posted through the letterboxes of most houses in the area bound by Ruddles Way, Smiths Lane, Maidenhead Road, Whitely, and Dedworth Road. They have also been distributed to some chemists, surgeries and churches.

More information

Click here to download your copy of the leaflet free of charge

For more help, contact Michael Sullivan on Windsor 862075