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WWRA Vector Logo Smooth 150px highMuch has happened in my first three months as your Chairman, and we have achieved some notable results, despite the conduct of certain Conservative councillors.

I will start with the untimely death of our much loved Councilor Cynthia Endacott. Cynthia has been a driving force locally for more than two decades. She was always on hand to fight against injustice, and hold the ruling parties to account, something we continue to do for example with the original, and shocking, decision about the Queen pub, and our previous exclusion from the Neighbourhood Plan process.

Cynthia helped thousands of people including my own step-son Wayne; her husband John Endacott, and former WWRA Chairman, John Holdstock write about herlater in this newsletter.

It is important to take stock of Cynthia’s legacy, and we, you and I, should take up Cynthia’s mantle and be a force for good in our local community. If we don’t, who will?

I look forward to meeting you at the 7 July Open Evening. Have a great summer, and remember to vote for our sponsored West Windsor Independent candidate at the By Election on 24 July 2014.

With best wishes,

Wisdom Da Costa

Chair WWRA