May 2019 Local Elections in Windsor

You will find lots of information about the local elections in Windsor on 2 May 2019 on this page. We will update this page regularly so, bookmark this page and visit regularly.


Click on the links below. If you can help restore democracy to ordinary residents, email us at – We welcome your involvement.

WWRA Chair, Richard Endacott

Election Address from WWRA Chairman Richard Endacott




Carole Da Costa standing in Clewer & Dedworth East

Carole Da Costa the WWRA Candidate for Clewer and Dedworth East 





Wisdom Da Costa & Jon Davey, standing in Clewer & Dedworth West

Wisdom Da Costa and Jon Davey the WWRA Candidates for Clewer and Dedworth West




New Ward Boundaries in Windsor

The Boundaries Have Changed: Which ward are you in?





The New Polling Stations for Clewer and Dedworth East & West




WWRA Imprints