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Homelessness, lost Bus Services, & Universal Credit and safety have been hot topics recently, threatening individuals, families and the very fabric of our community. Here’s what Wisdom has said and done recently on these issues. Pt 1 of 4

Some of the key issues facing Windsor

I hope that you had a Holy, happy and cozy Christmas, deep in the bosom of your loved ones and, I wish you a prosperous 2018.

Sadly, for many of our residents the run up to Christmas was not cozy and, 2018 heralds stormy clouds for those who are not well off.

  • We have seen increasing numbers of homeless on our streets, some genuine some not, whilst money is seemingly wasted
  • Our beautiful town has been blighted by murders and rapes and, concerns for personal safety have been brought to the forefront, time and again.
  • Key bus services which enable residents to engage with sickness, health and work have been cut.
  • Hundreds, and hundreds of families face the uncertainties of the roll out of Universal Credit at just before the Royal Wedding in May 2018.


Information and activity on some of the key issues facing Windsor

Here is a note of some of the stuff I have been doing for residents on these weighty and significant issues. Please click on each link to be taken to a separate blog on;

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Together we can

There is lots of information in each article but, remember, the more of us who take action, the more that will get done.

Let’s keep working together to put people first; justice and democracy for all.


Accountably yours,


WWRA Councillor, Wisdom Da Costa, Clewer North, Windsor



This post is part of Cllr Wisdom Da Costa’s regular series of Blogs to inform and empower local residents; as he promised in his election leaflet

The views expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the West Windsor Residents Association (WWRA).